Friday, 3 July 2015

Why is the MFL PGCE at the University of Bristol such a good course? Impressions from the 2014-15 cohort


Anonymous said...

Probably the most challenging and formative year of my life so far! The course is tough, but you get lots of support from the tutors who are simply amazing!

Alexandra Griffiths said...

Interesting, challenging and a real sense of achievement. Great programme of study, which not only prepares you for the first year of teaching but clearly lays the foundation for wholesome professional development.

Emily Tyler said...

I would definitely recommend doing a PGCE at the University of Bristol. You learn so much over the year and come away with loads of brilliant ideas for MFL lessons.
Also, the tutors are absolutely amazing!! They supported and guided us throughout the year and were always there when we needed help. I can't praise them highly enough!

Andora K Hole said...

The tutors are very experienced with great ideas and always willing to help. The university has very high employability rate and the course was very well organised. I definitely felt prepared for my NQT

Carl Proctor said...

Let's not beat around the bush; the PGCE will undoubtedly be one of the toughest years of your student life! There is lots to learn, not just academically but also about yourself and in particular your strengths and weaknesses. Helen, Ruth and Carmen (MFL PGCE staff) will be the key to your success. They'll help you find and build upon your weaknesses (we all have some!) but also identify and develop your strengths, whether they be creativity, organisation, discipline, work ethic, flair, drama, empathy, or just a knack for marking! (If you have the latter, you'll be the envy of all your peers.)
Not all pupils in a classroom will progress in every skill in the same way, and of course the same applies for a PGCE class. Every student in our cohort would tell you that above all they felt supported, listened to, and guided (or nudged/cajoled/dragged(me)) in the right direction.
Favourite moments from the course: the first time a whole class smiled in unison; my cycle path commute; countless staff room moments; using the Kahoot app with a class for the first time, and every time I stepped into a classroom taught by Helen, Ruth, or Carmen. All three are amazing, empathetic, excellent teacher role models and -importantly- just the right amount of crazy.

Eric said...

After five years as a secondary school teacher in Spain, I wanted to give a push to my career. Coming to Bristol has been the best decision that I could have taken. It's a tough year that demands a big commitment and a lot of effort. But it's worth the ride. I always received good support from the tutors and I learnt a lot specially at the placement schools. The University of Bristol has a great network of outstanding schools where you will learn directly from the best teachers in the UK. If you want to become a skilled and succesful teacher, Bristol is definitely the place to go!

Mériam said...

Doing a PGCE at the University of Bristol allowed me to live one of the most fulfilling years of my life.
You learn so much, not only about teaching techniques and child psychology/behaviour, but also about the type of teacher you want to be.
Furthermore, the MFL tutors are amazing; they are always there to help, listen, talk... and make sure that you are provided with everything you need.
I would definitely recommend to do a PGCE at Bristol University as the course has everything a PGCE student would need: good support, excellent subject knowledge, originality (wait to see how creative they are!) and so much more!!!

Gabriela said...

I chose to complete the PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages because I knew the University of Bristol could provide me a thriving course both at an academic and professional level. I was so happy when I was accepted to the course! Throughout the course, we learned about the pedagogy and psychology along with the education system. Although it was not obvious at first, you get the opportunity to apply this theory during your time in school. The PGCE is challenging but exciting course and you will most definitely learn and have a great fulfilling year! I did!

You not only learn about the education system itself or how to be a better teacher, you also get the opportunity to improve your subject knowledge to a deeper level, learn fun and different ways of imparting this knowledge and also, be creative.

Finally, the MFL course itself and the tutors are absolutely brilliant. Any concerns, questions, support, advice, anything! Carmen, Ruth and Helen were there to guide me and help me.

If you are thinking about doing a PGCE and want to become a skilful and amazing teacher, I highly recommend MFL at the University of Bristol! There is a reason why it is one of the country's leading universities.

Clare Gardner said...

Fun, fun, fun! Plenty of hard work too, but the days at university with the MFL tutors were full of lots of laughter, games and singing! It's a very hands on approach with loads of practical advise and opportunities to practise.
They are great role models for the kind of teacher you may like to become - although all inimitable in their own way too!
The schools had great links with the university.

Clare Gardner said...

The course was great fun with a very hands on approach, practical tips and opportunities to practise.
The university has great links with the schools and you feel really well supported but most important were the MFL tutors who were incredible role models and I wish all of them had been my teachers at school!
You learn a huge amount about why you want to teach, why it's important, how to do it and what kind of teacher you want to be!

Lucy Martin said...

I would definitely recommend to do your PGCE at Bristol. The lectures were of a top standard and the tutors are extremely supportive and good at their jobs. The programme of study prepares you really well for teaching and the general organisation of the programme as well as the school placements is very impressive.